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Pupils who have passed their driving test with Hills Driver Training

Jay passed 20th of January 2022. He went with his dad in his car. Well done! 🚘🎉👍


Savanna passed 6th of January 2022, well done 🎉🚘

Eleanor passed 20th of December 2021, well done! 👍🎄🎉🚘

Jess passed with 0 minors on 13th of December 2021, well done! 🎄


Elle passed 30th of November 2021, well done!

Ben passed 29th of November 2021, well done mate.

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Annabel passed 11th of September 12. Thanks for all your help putting up with me and getting me through my test :) you will be glad to know I now realise all traffic lights are real !!
Annabel Oatley

Hay just wondering if you have any lessons available passed my theory in November haven't had any luck in finding a driving instructor would be looking to start lessons asap I live within the astmoor ...
Shania Smith

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