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A.D.I wanted

Due to high volume of calls and emails, we are currently looking for an A.D.I to join Hills Driver Training. We are an established school and have been serving Runcorn & Widnes since 2007.

We urgently need a qualified DVSA ADI. We offer an competitive franchise with full support including stationery and a roof sign.

You would need your own car.

If you need a dual controlled car, we can help with this

*No tie in

* 4 weeks fee free

*4 week start up (no fee till week 5)

*£50 per week with no pupil referral fee

We would also like to offer automatic lessons. If you can help, let us know.

If interested, please ring or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Hill.
Standard rates
Learn at a pace that suits YOU

Quality tuition to give YOU a great chance to pass 1ST TIME!

Becky passed 3/10/12.
Rebecca Schofield

Lee passed 25th of September 2013.
Lee Worthington

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